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Supported platform

  • aws


AWS Certificate Manager Certificate resource (provides an object representing an individual ACM certificate)

The aws.acm.certificate resource provides fields for assessing the configuration of AWS ACM certificates. For usage, read the aws.acm resource documentation.


arnstringARN for the certificate
notBeforetimeTime before which the certificate is not valid
notAftertimeTime after which the certificate is not valid
createdAttimeTime when the cert was requested
domainNamestringFQDN for the certificate
statusstringStatus of the certificate: issued, expired, revoked, and so on
subjectstringName of the entity associated with the public key in the certificate
certificatenetwork.certificateRetrieves an Amazon-issued certificate and its certificate chain
tagsmap[string]stringTags associated with the certificate
keyAlgorithmstringThe algorithm that was used to generate the public-private key pair
serialstringThe serial number of the certificate
sourcestringThe source of the certificate: AMAZON_ISSUED or IMPORTED
issuerstringThe name of the certificate authority that issued and signed the certificate
issuedAttimeThe time at which the certificate was issued (exists only when the certificate source is AMAZON_ISSUED)
importedAttimeThe date and time when the certificate was imported (exists only when the certificate source is IMPORTED)