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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP monitoring alert policy


projectIdstringProject ID
namestringAlert policy name
displayNamestringDisplay name
documentationdictDocumentation included with notifications and incidents related to this policy
labelsmap[string]stringUser-defined labels
conditions[]dictList of conditions for the policy
combinerstringHow to combine the results of multiple conditions to determine if an incident should be opened
enabledboolWhether the policy is enabled
validitydictDescription of how the alert policy is invalid
notificationChannelUrls[]stringNotification channel URLs to which notifications should be sent when incidents are opened or closed
createdtimeCreation timestamp
createdBystringEmail address of the user who created the alert policy
updatedtimeUpdate timestamp
updatedBystringEmail address of the user who last updated the alert policy
alertStrategydictConfiguration for notification channels notifications