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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP KMS crypto key version


resourcePathstringFull resource path
namestringCrypto key version name
statestringCrypto key version's current state
protectionLevelstringProtection level describing how crypto operations perform with this crypto key version
algorithmstringAlgorithm that the crypto key version supports
attestationgcp.project.kmsService.keyring.cryptokey.version.attestationStatement generated and signed by HSM at key creation time
createdtimeTime created
generatedtimeTime generated
destroyedtimeTime destroyed
destroyEventTimetimeDestroy event timestamp
importJobstringName of the import job used in the most recent import of the crypto key version
importTimetimeTime at which this crypto key version's key material was imported
importFailureReasonstringThe root cause of an import failure
externalProtectionLevelOptionsgcp.project.kmsService.keyring.cryptokey.version.externalProtectionLevelOptionsAdditional fields for configuring external protection level
reimportEligibleboolWhether the crypto key version is eligible for reimport