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Supported platform

  • gcp


Google Cloud (GCP) Compute backend service CDN policy


idstringInternal ID
bypassCacheOnRequestHeaders[]dictBypass the cache when the specified request headers are matched
cacheKeyPolicydictCache key policy
cacheModestringCache mode for all responses from this backend
clientTtlintClient maximum TTL
defaultTtlintDefault TTL for cached content
maxTtlintMaximum allowed TTL for cached content
negativeCachingboolWhether negative caching allows per-status code TTLs to be set in order to apply fine-grained caching for common errors or redirects
negativeCachingPolicy[]dictNegative caching policy
requestCoalescingboolWhether Cloud CDN combines multiple concurrent cache fill requests into a small number of requests to the origin
serveWhileStaleintServe existing content from the cache when revalidating content with the origin
signedUrlCacheMaxAgeSecintMaximum number of seconds the response to a signed URL request is considered fresh
signedUrlKeyNames[]stringNames of the keys for signing request URLs