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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP Compute backend service backend


idstringInternal ID
balancingModestringHow to determine whether the backend of a load balancer can handle additional traffic or is fully loaded
capacityScalerfloatMultiplier applied to the backend's target capacity of its balancing mode
descriptionstringBackend description
failoverboolWhether this is a failover backend
groupUrlstringFully-qualified URL of an instance group or network endpoint group determining what types of backends a load balancer supports
maxConnectionsintMaximum number of simultaneous connections
maxConnectionsPerEndpointintMaximum number of simultaneous connections per endpoint
maxConnectionsPerInstanceintMaximum number of simultaneous connections per instance
maxRateintMaximum number of HTTP requests per second
maxRatePerEndpointfloatMaximum number for requests per second per endpoint
maxRatePerInstancefloatMaximum number for requests per second per instance
maxUtilizationfloatTarget capacity for the utilization balancing mode