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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP Compute backend service


idstringUnique identifier
affinityCookieTtlSecintLifetime of cookies in seconds
backends[]gcp.project.computeService.backendService.backendList of backends that serve this backend service
cdnPolicygcp.project.computeService.backendService.cdnPolicyCloud CDN configuration
circuitBreakersdictCircuit breakers
compressionModestringCompress text responses using Brotli or gzip compression, based on the client's Accept-Encoding header
connectionDrainingdictConnection draining configuration
connectionTrackingPolicydictConnection tracking configuration
consistentHashdictConsistent hash-based load balancing used to provide soft session affinity based on HTTP headers, cookies or other properties
createdtimeCreation timestamp
customRequestHeaders[]stringHeaders that the load balancer adds to proxied requests
customResponseHeaders[]stringHeaders that the load balancer adds to proxied responses
descriptionstringBackend service description
edgeSecurityPolicystringResource URL for the edge security policy associated with this backend service
enableCDNboolWhether to enable Cloud CDN
failoverPolicydictFailover policy
healthChecks[]stringList of URLs to the health checks
iapdictIdentity-aware proxy configuration
loadBalancingSchemestringLoad balancer type
localityLbPolicies[]dictList of locality load balancing policies to be used in order of preference
localityLbPolicystringLoad balancing algorithm used within the scope of the locality
logConfigdictLog configuration
maxStreamDurationtimeDefault maximum duration (timeout) for streams to this service
namestringBackend service name
networkUrlstringURL to the network to which this backend service belongs
portNamestringNamed port on a backend instance group representing the port for communication to the backend VMs in that group
protocolstringProtocol used for communication
regionUrlstringRegion URL
securityPolicyUrlstringSecurity policy URL
securitySettingsdictSecurity settings
serviceBindingUrls[]stringService binding URLs
sessionAffinitystringSession affinity type
timeoutSecintBackend service timeout in settings