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Supported platform

  • gcp


GKE cluster IP allocation policy


idstringInternal ID
useIpAliasesboolWhether alias IPs are used for pod IPs in the cluster
createSubnetworkboolWhether a new subnetwork is created automatically for the cluster
subnetworkNamestringCustom subnetwork name to be used if createSubnetwork is true
clusterSecondaryRangeNamestringName of the secondary range to be used for the cluster CIDR block
servicesSecondaryRangeNamestringName of the secondary range to be used for the services CIDR block
clusterIpv4CidrBlockstringIP address range for the cluster pod IPs
nodeIpv4CidrBlockstringIP address range of the instance IPs in this cluster
servicesIpv4CidrBlockstringIP address range of the services IPs in this cluster
tpuIpv4CidrBlockstringIP address range of the Cloud TPUs in this cluster
useRoutesboolWhether routes will be used for pod IPs in this cluster
stackTypestringIP stack type
ipv6AccessTypestringIPv6 access type