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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP BigQuery table


idstringTable ID
projectIdstringProject ID
datasetIdstringDataset ID
namestringThe user-friendly name for the table
locationstringLocation of the table
descriptionstringUser-friendly description of the table
labelsmap[string]stringUser-provided labels
useLegacySQLboolIndicates if Legacy SQL is used for the view query
requirePartitionFilterboolIndicates if queries that reference this table must specify a partition filter
createdtimeCreation timestamp
modifiedtimeModified timestamp
numBytesintSize of the table in bytes
numLongTermBytesintNumber of bytes in the table considered "long-term storage" for reduced billing purposes
numRowsintNumber of rows of data in this table
typestringTable Type
expirationTimetimeTime when this table expires
kmsNamestringCloud KMS encryption key that is used to protect BigQuery table
snapshotTimetimeIndicates when the base table was snapshot
viewQuerystringQuery to use for a logical view
clusteringFieldsdictData clustering configuration
externalDataConfigdictInformation about table stored outside of BigQuery.
materializedViewdictInformation for materialized views
rangePartitioningdictInteger-range-based partitioning on a table
timePartitioningdictTime-based date partitioning on a table
schema[]dictTable schema