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Supported platform

  • gcp


Google Cloud (GCP) Run job


idstringJob identifier
projectIdstringProject ID
namestringJob name
generationintNumber that monotonically increases every time the user modifies the desired state
labelsmap[string]stringUser-defined labels
annotationsmap[string]stringUnstructured key-value map that may be set by external tools to store an arbitrary metadata
createdtimeCreation timestamp
updatedtimeUpdate timestamp
deletedtimeDeletion timestamp
expiredtimeTimestamp after which a deleted service will be permanently deleted
creatorstringEmail address of the authenticated creator
lastModifierstringEmail address of the last authenticated modifier
clientstringArbitrary identifier for the API client
clientVersionstringArbitrary version identifier for the API client
launchStagestringLaunch stage
templategcp.project.cloudRunService.job.executionTemplateTemplate used to create executions for this job
observedGenerationintGeneration of this service currently serving traffic
terminalConditiongcp.project.cloudRunService.conditionConditions of this service, containing its readiness status and detailed error information in case it did not reach a serving state
conditions[]gcp.project.cloudRunService.conditionConditions of all other associated sub-resources
executionCountintNumber of executions created for this job
reconcilingboolWhether the service is currently being acted upon by the system to bring it into the desired state