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Supported platform

  • gcp


Google Cloud (GCP) Compute forwarding rules


idstringUnique identifier
ipAddressstringIP address for which this forwarding rule accepts traffic
ipProtocolstringIP protocol to which this rule applies
allPortsboolWhether to use all ports for forwarding traffic
allowGlobalAccessboolWhether to allow access to the load balancer from all regions
backendServicestringBackend service to which the forwarding rule sends traffic
createdtimeCreation timestamp
descriptionstringOptional resource description
ipVersionstringIP version that this forwarding rule uses
isMirroringCollectorboolWhether this load balancer can be used as a collector for packet mirroring
labelsmap[string]stringUser-defined labels
loadBalancingSchemestringForwarding rule type
metadataFilters[]dictOpaque filter criteria used by the load balancer to restrict routing configuration to a limited set of xDS-compliant clients
namestringForwarding rule name
networkUrlstringURL of the network used for internal load balancing
networkgcp.project.computeService.networkNetwork used for internal load balancing
networkTierstringNetwork tier used for configuring this load balancer
noAutomateDnsZoneboolWhether the forwarding rule should try to auto-generate a DNS zone
portRangestringPort range to forward
ports[]stringPorts to forward
regionUrlstringRegion URL
serviceDirectoryRegistrations[]dictService Directory resources with which to register this forwarding rule
serviceLabelstringOptional prefix to the service name for this forwarding rule
serviceNamestringInternal fully qualified service name for this forwarding rule
subnetworkUrlstringURL of the subnetwork to which the load balanced IP belongs
subnetworkgcp.project.computeService.subnetworkSubnetwork to which the load balanced IP belongs
targetUrlstringURL of the target resource to receive the matched traffic