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Supported platform

  • gcp


Google Cloud (GCP) Compute persistent disk snapshot


idstringUnique identifier
namestringName of the resource
descriptionstringOptional description
architecturestringArchitecture of the snapshot
autoCreatedboolIndicates if snapshot was automatically created
chainNamestringSnapshot chain
creationSizeBytesintSize in bytes of the snapshot at creation time
diskSizeGbintSize of the source disk, specified in GB
downloadBytesintNumber of bytes downloaded to restore a snapshot to a disk
storageBytesintSize of the storage used by the snapshot
storageBytesStatusstringAn indicator whether storageBytes is in a stable state or in storage reallocation
snapshotTypestringIndicates the type of the snapshot
licenses[]stringPublic visible licenses
labelsmap[string]stringSnapshot Labels
createdtimeCreation timestamp
statusstringThe status of the snapshot