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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP GKE cluster


projectIdstringProject ID
idstringUnique identifier for the cluster
namestringThe name of the cluster
descriptionstringOptional description for the cluster
loggingServicestringThe logging service the cluster should use to write logs
monitoringServicestringThe monitoring service the cluster should use to write metrics
networkstringThe name of the Google Compute Engine network to which the cluster is connected
clusterIpv4CidrstringThe IP address range of the container pods in this cluster
subnetworkstringThe name of the Google Compute Engine subnetwork to which the cluster is connected
nodePools[]gcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepoolThe list of node pools for the cluster
locations[]stringThe list of Google Compute Engine zones in which the cluster's nodes should be located
enableKubernetesAlphaboolEnable Kubernetes alpha features
autopilotEnabledboolWhether Autopilot is enabled for the cluster
zonestringDeprecated; use location instead
locationstringName of the Google Compute Engine zone/region in which the cluster exists
endpointstringThe IP address of the cluster's master endpoint
initialClusterVersionstringThe initial Kubernetes version for this cluster
currentMasterVersionstringThe current software version of the master endpoint
statusstringThe current status of this cluster
resourceLabelsmap[string]stringThe resource labels for the cluster to use to annotate any related Google Compute Engine resources
createdtimeCreation time
expirationTimetimeThe time the cluster will be automatically deleted in
addonsConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.addonsConfigConfigurations for the various addons available to run in the cluster
workloadIdentityConfigdictConfiguration for the use of Kubernetes Service Accounts in GCP IAM policies
ipAllocationPolicygcp.project.gkeService.cluster.ipAllocationPolicyConfiguration for cluster IP allocation
networkConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.networkConfigConfiguration for cluster networking
binaryAuthorizationdictBinary authorization configuration
legacyAbacdictLegacy ABAC authorization configuration
masterAuthdictAuthentication information for accessing the master endpoint
masterAuthorizedNetworksConfigdictMaster authorized networks configuration
privateClusterConfigdictPrivate cluster configuration
databaseEncryptiondictEtcd encryption configuration