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Supported platform

  • gcp


GKE cluster addons config


idstringInternal ID
httpLoadBalancingdictConfiguration for the HTTP (L7) load balancing controller addon
horizontalPodAutoscalingdictConfiguration for the horizontal pod autoscaling feature
kubernetesDashboarddictConfiguration for the Kubernetes Dashboard
networkPolicyConfigdictConfiguration for NetworkPolicy
cloudRunConfigdictConfiguration for the Cloud Run addon
dnsCacheConfigdictConfiguration for NodeLocalDNS, a DNS cache running on cluster nodes
configConnectorConfigdictConfiguration for the ConfigConnector addon
gcePersistentDiskCsiDriverConfigdictConfiguration for the Compute Engine Persistent Disk CSI driver
gcpFilestoreCsiDriverConfigdictConfiguration for the GCP Filestore CSI driver
gkeBackupAgentConfigdictConfiguration for the backup for GKE agent addon