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Supported platform

  • gcp


Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) node pool configuration


idstringInternal ID
projectIdstringProject ID
machineTypestringThe name of a Google Compute Engine machine type
diskSizeGbintSize of the disk attached to each node, specified in GB
oauthScopes[]stringThe set of Google API scopes to be made available on all of the node VMs under the "default" service account
serviceAccountEmailstringEmail of the Google Cloud Platform Service Account to be used by the node VMs
serviceAccountgcp.project.iamService.serviceAccountGoogle Cloud Platform Service Account to be used by the node VMs
metadatamap[string]stringThe metadata key/value pairs assigned to instances in the cluster
imageTypestringThe image type to use for this node
labelsmap[string]stringThe map of Kubernetes labels to be applied to each node
localSsdCountintThe number of local SSD disks to be attached to the node
tags[]stringThe list of instance tags applied to all nodes
preemptibleboolWhether the nodes are created as preemptible VM instances.
accelerators[]gcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.acceleratorA list of hardware accelerators to attach to each node
diskTypestringType of the disk attached to each node
minCpuPlatformstringMinimum CPU platform to be used by this instance
workloadMetadataModestringThe workload metadata mode for this node
taints[]gcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.nodeTaintList of Kubernetes taints to be applied to each node
sandboxConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.sandboxConfigSandbox configuration for this node
shieldedInstanceConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.shieldedInstanceConfigShielded instance configuration
linuxNodeConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.linuxNodeConfigParameters that can be configured on Linux nodes
kubeletConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.kubeletConfigNode kubelet configs
bootDiskKmsKeystringThe Customer Managed Encryption Key used to encrypt the boot disk attached to each node
gcfsConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.gcfsConfigGoogle Container File System (image streaming) configuration
advancedMachineFeaturesgcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.advancedMachineFeaturesAdvanced features for the Compute Engine VM
gvnicConfiggcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.gvnicConfiggVNIC configuration
spotboolWhether Spot VM is enabled (a rebrand of the existing preemptible flag)
confidentialNodesgcp.project.gkeService.cluster.nodepool.config.confidentialNodesConfidential nodes configuration