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Supported platform

  • gcp


GCP cloud function


projectIdstringProject ID
namestringCloud function name
descriptionstringCloud function description
sourceArchiveUrlstringLocation of the archive with the function's source code
sourceRepositorydictRepository reference for the function's source code
sourceUploadUrlstringLocation of the upload with the function's source code
httpsTriggerdictHTTPS endpoint of source that can be triggered via URL
eventTriggerdictSource that fires events in response to a condition in another service
statusstringStatus of the function deployment
entryPointstringName of the function (as defined in source code) that is executed
runtimestringRuntime in which to run the function
timeouttimeFunction execution timeout
availableMemoryMbintAmount of memory in MB available for a function
serviceAccountEmailstringEmail of the function's service account
updatedtimeUpdate timestamp
versionIdintVersion identifier of the cloud function
labelsmap[string]stringLabels associated with this cloud function
envVarsmap[string]stringEnvironment variables that are available during function execution
buildEnvVarsmap[string]stringBuild environment variables that are available during build time
networkstringVPC network that this cloud function can connect to
maxInstancesintMaximum number of function instances that may coexist at a given time
minInstancesintLower bound for the number of function instances that may coexist at a given time
vpcConnectorstringVPC network connector that this cloud function can connect to
egressSettingsstringEgress settings for the connector controlling what traffic is diverted
ingressSettingsstringIngress settings for the function controlling what traffic can reach
kmsKeyNamestringResource name of a KMS crypto key used to encrypt/decrypt function resources
buildWorkerPoolstringName of the Cloud Build custom WorkerPool that should be used to build the function
buildIdstringCloud Build ID of the latest successful deployment of the function
buildNamestringCloud Build name of the function deployment
secretEnvVarsmap[string]dictSecret environment variables
secretVolumes[]dictSecret volumes
dockerRepositorystringUser-managed repository created in Artifact Registry
dockerRegistrystringDocker registry to use for this deployment