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Snowflake Warehouse


namestringName of the warehouse
statestringWhether the warehouse is active/running, inactive or resizing
typestringWarehouse type
sizestringWarehouse size
minClusterCountintMinimum cluster count
maxClusterCountintMaximum cluster count
startedClusterCountintNumber of started clusters
runningintNumber of running clusters
queuedintNumber of queued clusters
isDefaultboolWhether the warehouse is a default warehouse
isCurrentboolIndicates if the warehouse is a current warehouse
autoSuspendintPeriod of inactivity, in seconds, after which a running warehouse automatically suspends and stops using credits
autoResumeboolWhether the warehouse, if suspended, automatically resumes
availablefloatPercentage of the warehouse compute resources available
provisioningfloatPercentage of the warehouse compute resources in provisioning
quiescingfloatPercentage of the warehouse compute resources that execute queries
otherfloatPercentage of the warehouse compute not in available, provisioning, or quiescing state
ownerstringWarehouse owner
commentstringComment for the warehouse
enableQueryAccelerationboolWhether query acceleration is enabled
queryAccelerationMaxScaleFactorintQuery acceleration scale factor
resourceMonitorstringResource monitor of the warehouse
scalingPolicystringScaling policy of the warehouse
ownerRoleTypestringOwner role type
createdAttimeWhen the warehouse was created
resumedAttimeWhen the warehouse resumed
updatedAttimeWhen the warehouse was updated