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Snowflake User


namestringUser name
loginstringLogin name
displayNamestringDisplay name
firstNamestringFirst name
lastNamestringLast name
emailstringEmail address
commentstringComment for the user
defaultWarehousestringVirtual warehouse that is active by default
defaultNamespacestringNamespace that is active by default
defaultRolestringDefault role for the user
disabledboolWhether the user is disabled
hasPasswordboolWhether the user has a password
hasRsaPublicKeyboolWhether the user has MFA enabled
mustChangePasswordboolWhether the user is forced to change their password
lastSuccessLogintimeLast time the user logged in
lockedUntiltimeTime until the user is locked
createdAttimeWhen the user was created
expiresAttimeWhen the user expires
extAuthnDuoboolWhether the user has MFA enabled
extAuthnUidstringMFA user ID
parameters[]snowflake.parameterParameters for the user