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Snowflake Password Policy


namestringName of the password policy
databaseNamestringName of the database
schemaNamestringName of the schema
kindstringName of the kind
ownerstringName of the owner
commentstringComment for the password policy
createdAttimeWhen the password policy was created
passwordMinLengthintMinimum number of characters for password
passwordMaxLengthintMaximum number of characters for password
passwordMinUpperCaseCharsintMinimum number of uppercase characters for password
passwordMinLowerCaseCharsintMinimum number of lowercase characters for password
passwordMinNumericCharsintMinimum number of numeric characters for password
passwordMinSpecialCharsintMinimum number of special characters for password
passwordMinAgeDaysintMinimum number of days before password can be changed
passwordMaxAgeDaysintMaximum number of days before password must be changed
passwordMaxRetriesintMaximum number of attempts to enter a password before locking out the user account
passwordLockoutTimeMinsintHow long (in minutes) to lock out the user account
passwordHistoryintNumber of recent passwords to retain