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VMware Cloud Director VM resource


idstringID for the standalone VM in the VDC
namestringName of the standalone VM in the VDC
containerNamestringThe name of the containing vApp or vApp template
containerIDstringvApp or vApp template ID
ownerIdstringOwner ID of the VM
ownerNamestringOwner name of the VM
isDeletedboolIndicates if this entity is deleted
guestOsstringGuest operating system
numberOfCpusintNumber of CPUs
memoryMBintMemory in MB
networkNamestringNetwork name
ipAddressstringIP Address of the VM on the primary network
isBusyboolIndicates if this VM is busty
isDeployedboolIndicates if this VM is deployed
isPublishedboolIndicates if this VM is in a published catalog
catalogNamestringCatalog name
hardwareVersionintHardware version
vmToolsStatusstringVM tools status
isInMaintenanceModeboolIndicates if this VM is in maintenance mode
isAutoNatureboolIndicates if the parent vApp is a managed vApp
storageProfileNamestringStorage profile name
gcStatusstringGC status of this VM
isComputePolicyCompliantboolIndicates if VM is compliant with the Compute Policy
encryptedboolIndicates if VM is encrypted
totalStorageAllocatedMbintTotal storage allocation in MB
isExpiredboolIndicates if VMs storage lease has expired
hostNamestringESXi host for this VM