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VMware Cloud Director provider VDC


namestringName of the provider VDC
statusstringStatus of the provider VDC
isBusyboolWhether the provider VDC is busy
isDeletedboolWhether the provider VDC is deleted
isEnabledboolWhether the provider VDC is enabled
cpuAllocationMhzintCPU allocation in MHz
cpuLimitMhzintCPU limit in MHz
cpuUsedMhzintCPU used in MHz
numberOfDatastoresintNumber of datastores
numberOfStorageProfilesintNumber of storage profiles
numberOfVdcsintNumber of VDCs
memoryAllocationMBintMemory allocation in MB
memoryLimitMBintMemory limit in MB
memoryUsedMBintMemory used in MB
storageAllocationMBintStorage allocation in MB
storageLimitMBintStorage limit in MB
storageUsedMBintStorage used in MB
cpuOverheadMhzintCPU overhead in MHz
storageOverheadMBintStorage overhead in MB
memoryOverheadMBintMemory overhead in MB
metadatamap[string]stringKey-value pairs for provider VDC metadata