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Slack user


idstringID of the workspace user
namestringUser name
teamIdstringSlack workspace ID
deletedboolWhether the user has been deactivated
colorstringSpecial user color
realNamestringUser's first and last name
timeZonestringGeographic timezone-related region
timeZoneLabelstringCommonly used name of the timezone
timeZoneOffsetintNumber of seconds to offset UTC time
isBotboolWhether the user is a bot
isAdminboolWhether the user is an admin of the current workspace
isOwnerboolWhether the user is an owner of the current workspace
isPrimaryOwnerboolWhether the user is the primary owner of the current workspace
isRestrictedboolWhether the user is a guest user
isUltraRestrictedboolWhether the user is a single-channel guest
isStrangerboolWhether the user belongs to a different workspace
isAppUserboolWhether the user is an app bot
isInvitedUserboolWhether a user has been invited but has not yet signed in
has2FAboolWhether two-factor authentication is enabled for the user
twoFactorTypestringType of two-factor authentication the user is using
hasFilesboolWhether the user owns files
presencestringPresence of the user
localestringIETF language code that represents this user's chosen display language
profiledictUser profile
enterpriseUserslack.enterpriseUserRelated Slack Enterprise Grid user