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Slack conversation


idstringConversation ID
namestringName of the conversation
creatorslack.userUser that created this conversation
createdtimeTimestamp of when the conversation was created
localestringIETF language code that represents chosen language
topicdictInformation about the channel topic
purposedictInformation about the channel purpose
isArchivedboolIndicates that the conversation is archived
isOpenboolIndicates that the conversation is open
isPrivateboolWhether the conversation is privileged between two or more members
isIMboolWhether the conversation is a direct message
isMpimboolWhether the conversation is private between multiple users
isGroupboolWhether the conversation is a private channel created before March 2021
isChannelboolWhether a conversation is a channel
isSharedboolWhether the conversation is in some way shared between multiple workspaces
isExtSharedboolWhether the conversation is part of a shared channel with a remote organization
isPendingExtSharedboolWhether the conversation is to be shared with a remote organization
isOrgSharedboolWhether the channel is shared between Enterprise Grid workspaces
priorityfloatPriority of the conversation
members[]slack.userMembers of the conversation