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Supported platform

  • azure


Azure virtual network (VNet) gateway


idstringVNet gateway ID
namestringVNet gateway name
locationstringVNet gateway location
tagsmap[string]stringVNet gateway tags
typestringVNet gateway resource type
etagstringVNet gateway etag
propertiesdictVNet gateway properties
activeboolWhether the virtual network gateway is active
enableBgpboolWhether BGP is enabled for this virtual network gateway
enableBgpRouteTranslationForNatboolWhether BGP route translation is enabled for this VNet gateway
enableDNSForwardingboolWhether DNS forwarding is enabled for this VNet gateway
enablePrivateIPAddressboolWhether private IP must be enabled for connections
disableIPSecReplayProtectionboolWhether IP sec replay protection is disabled for this VNet gateway
provisioningStatestringVNet gateway provisioning state
inboundDNSForwardingEndpointstringThe IP address allocated by the gateway to which DNS requests can be sent
skuNamestringVNet gateway SKU name
skuCapacityintVNet gateway SKU capacity
addressPrefixes[]stringA list of address blocks reserved for this virtual network in CIDR notation
gatewayTypestringVNet gateway type
vpnGatewayGenerationstringVNet gateway generation
vpnTypestringVNet gateway VPN type
ipConfigurations[]azure.subscription.networkService.virtualNetworkGateway.ipConfigVNet gateway IP configurations
bgpSettingsazure.subscription.networkService.bgpSettingsVNet gateway BGP settings
natRules[]azure.subscription.networkService.virtualNetworkGateway.natRuleVNet gateway NAT rules
connections[]azure.subscription.networkService.virtualNetworkGateway.connectionApplicable connections for the gateway
vpnClientConfigurationdictVPN client configuration (only set if P2S is configured for the gateway)