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Test and Troubleshoot Microsoft 365 Configuration

Test the Microsoft 365 configuration

Once you've configured Microsoft 365 to communicate with Mondoo, it's a good idea to test and ensure that the app registration and the permissions work as expected. You test using Mondoo's open source security scanning CLI, cnspec.## Download and install cnspec and an Azure policy bundle

  1. From your terminal (Linux shell, macOS shell, or Azure Cloud Shell), download the latest cnspec package from here:


(This is just an example; be sure to use the latest version.)

tar -xvf cnspec_8.9.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  1. From, download the open source Azure policy bundle (mondoo-ms365-security.mql.yaml):
git clone

Scan with cnspec

Scan the platform using the downloaded policy bundle:

./cnspec scan ms365 --certificate-path certificate.combo.pem --tenant-id YOUR-TENANT-ID --client-id YOUR-CLIENT-ID --policy-bundle mondoo-ms365-security.mql.yaml

You can also run a specific policy:

./cnspec run ms365 -c 'microsoft.policies.identitySecurityDefaultsEnforcementPolicy["isEnabled"] == false' --certificate-path certificate.combo.pem --tenant-id YOUR-TENANT-ID --client-id YOUR-CLIENT-ID

./cnspec run ms365 -c " _['controlName'] == 'MFARegistrationV2' && _['score'] == 9)" --certificate-path certificate.combo.pem --tenant-id YOUR-TENANT-ID --client-id YOUR-CLIENT-ID

For YOUR-TENANT-ID, and YOUR-CLIENT-ID, substitute your information.

Pay special attention to the queries showing Error results; they can result from improper permissions.

Troubleshoot: Scan with cnspec using a client secret

If the scan above is unsuccessful, try using a client secret to authenticate and scan.

Create a client secret:

  1. From the Azure portal home, select Microsoft Entra ID.

  2. In the navigation sidebar, select App registrations.

  3. Select the app you created for Mondoo.

  4. In the sidebar under the app name, select Certificate & secrets.

  5. Select New client secret.

  6. Enter a description for the client secret.

  7. For Duration, specify a time after which the secret expires.

  8. Select Add and quickly record the Value; it will disappear shortly.

Scan with cnspec using the client secret:

./cnspec scan ms365 --client-secret YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET-VALUE --tenant-id YOUR-TENANT-ID --client-id YOUR-CLIENT-ID --policy-bundle mondoo-ms365-security.mql.yaml

For YOUR-TENANT-ID, and YOUR-CLIENT-ID, substitute your Azure information.

For YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET-VALUE, substitute the value you recorded above.

If this scan is successful, then the issue is with your certificate. Follow the steps above again to provide a new certificate.