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Supported platform

  • kubernetes


Kubernetes workload container


uidstringKubernetes object UID
namestringName of the container
imageNamestringContainer image name
imagestringDeprecated; use imageName instead
containerImageos.container.imageContainer image
command[]stringEntry point array
args[]stringArguments to the entry point
resourcesdictCompute resources required by this container
volumeMounts[]dictPod volumes to mount into the container's file system
volumeDevices[]dictList of block devices to be used by the container
livenessProbedictPeriodic probe of container liveness
readinessProbedictPeriodic probe of container service readiness
imagePullPolicystringImage pull policyL Always, Never, or IfNotPresent
securityContextdictSecurity options the pod should run with
workingDirstringContainer's working directory
ttyboolWhether this container should allocate a TTY for itself
envdictenv variables
envFromdictenvFrom settings