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Google Workspace user accounts


idstringThe unique ID for the user
familyNamestringThe user's last name
givenNamestringThe user's first names
fullNamestringThe user's full name
primaryEmailstringThe user's primary email address
recoveryEmailstringRecovery email of the user
recoveryPhonestringRecovery phone of the user
agreedToTermsboolUser accepted the Terms of Service agreement
aliases[]stringA list of the user's alias email addresses
suspendedboolIndicates if user is suspended
suspensionReasonstringThe reason a user account is suspended
archivedboolIndicates if user is archived
isAdminboolIndicates a user with super administrator privileges
isEnforcedIn2SvboolIs 2-step verification enforced
isEnrolledIn2SvboolIs enrolled in 2-step verification
isMailboxSetupboolIndicates if the user's Google mailbox is created
lastLoginTimetimeUser's last login time
creationTimetimeUser's account creation time latest report for the user
tokens[]googleworkspace.tokenReturns the user-issued tokens to 3rd party applications