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GitLab project


idintProject ID
namestringProject name
fullNamestringThe full name of the project, including the namespace
pathstringProject path
createdAttimeCreate date of the project
descriptionstringProject description
defaultBranchstringDefault Git branch
visibilitystringThe project's visibility level: private, internal, or public
archivedboolWhether the project is archived
mirrorboolWhether the project is a mirror
webURLstringURL of the project
emailsDisabledboolWhether project email notifications are disabled
allowMergeOnSkippedPipelineboolWhether merging merge requests is allowed when a pipeline is skipped
onlyAllowMergeIfPipelineSucceedsboolWhether merging merge requests is allowed only if the pipelines succeed
onlyAllowMergeIfAllDiscussionsAreResolvedboolWhether merging merge requests is allowed only if all discussions are resolved
issuesEnabledboolWhether the issues feature is enabled
mergeRequestsEnabledboolWhether the merge request feature is enabled
wikiEnabledboolWhether the wiki feature is enabled
snippetsEnabledboolWhether the snippets feature is enabled
containerRegistryEnabledboolWhether the container registry feature is enabled
serviceDeskEnabledboolWhether the Service Desk feature is enabled
packagesEnabledboolWhether the packages feature is enabled
autoDevopsEnabledboolWhether the Auto DevOps feature is enabled
requirementsEnabledboolWhether the requirements feature is enabled
approvalRules[]gitlab.project.approvalRuleApproval rules for the project
mergeMethodstringMerge methods for the project
approvalSettingsgitlab.project.approvalSettingsApproval settings for the project
protectedBranches[]gitlab.project.repository.protectedBranchProtected branches settings for the project