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Monitor Your Infrastructure Security

Mondoo provides continuous security monitoring of the assets in your digital infrastructure. In the Mondoo Console, you can always see up-to-date scan results for all the assets registered with your account.

The Inventory view in the Mondoo Console provides many ways to monitor your infrastructure security, from overall scores for spaces in your organization down to how an individual asset scores on different checks in a policy.

Access the Inventory view and monitor assets

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to the organization containing the space you want to view.

    Monitor organization security in the Mondoo Console

  2. In the side navigation bar, select Spaces.

  3. To drill down into a space, select the box representing the space. To drill down into the assets in the space, select the INVENTORY box.

    Space view in the Mondoo Console

  4. Filter the list of assets:

    • If there are multiple types of assets in the space, you can select a type to show only assets of that type. For example, select AWS to show only AWS assets. To stop filtering by integration type, select the integration type again.

    • To filter by account, namespace, or configuration keywords, type the word or part of the word in the search box.

      Filter assets in the Mondoo Console

    • To remove a filter, select the x next to the filter.

  5. To see details on an asset's most recent security scan, select the asset.

    View security detail in the Mondoo Console

How Mondoo scores policies

When Mondoo scans your assets, it produces a graded score to assess risk to your business. Mondoo scoring is based on policies that match the type of asset scanned. For example, there are policies for Windows, Linux, Kubernetes clusters, and so on. You choose which policies are enabled in a space. An asset can match multiple policies enabled in a space.

These are the ranges for Mondoo scores:

80 .. 100 A (100 A+ 95 A 85 A- 80)
60 .. 79 B ( 79 B+ 75 B 65 B- 60)
30 .. 59 C ( 59 C+ 50 C 40 C- 30)
10 .. 29 D ( 29 D+ 25 D 15 D- 10)
0 .. 9 F

To learn more about scoring, read Score Policies.