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Receive Telegram Alerts from Mondoo

You can configure Mondoo to send a message to a Telegram account whenever there's a change to an asset's security score. You do this by integrating Telegram with the Mondoo space from which you want to receive alerts.

Before you set up the integration, you must create Telegram bot token and get your Telegram chat ID.

Create a Telegram bot token

  1. Open Telegram and search for the @BotFather username. Then start a new conversation with @BotFather with /newbot. @BotFather responds:

    Telegram Botfather

  2. During the conversation, the bot provides a Telegram access token:

Use this token to access the HTTP API: <telegram-access-token>

Get your Telegram chat ID

  1. Create a new chat group in Telegram.

    Create a new chat group

  2. Invite the @myidbot.

    Invite the myidbot

  3. Enter a chat group name.

    Configure the group name

  4. Ask the myidbot /getgroupid@myidbot for the chat ID.

    Ask the myidbot for the chat ID

  5. Uninvite @myidbot.

Set up the integration

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to the space for which you want to see Telegram alerts.

  2. In the side navigation bar, under Integrations, select Add New Integration.

  3. Scroll down to Chat Ops and select Telegram.

    Telegram Integration Setup

  4. On the right side of the page, set the toggle to Enabled.

  5. In the Chat ID box, paste the Telegram chat ID that @myidbot provided in the instructions above.

  6. In the Secret box, paste the Telegram secret that @botfather provided in the instructions above.

  7. Select the SAVE button.