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cnquery sbom

Experimental: Generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) for a given asset


Generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) for a given asset. The SBOM is a representation of the asset's software components and their dependencies.

The following formats are supported:

  • list (default)
  • cnquery-json
  • cyclonedx-json
  • cyclonedx-xml
  • spdx-json
  • spdx-tag-value

Note this command is experimental and may change in the future.

cnquery sbom [flags]


      --annotation stringToString   Add an annotation to the asset (default [])
--asset-name string User-override for the asset name
-h, --help help for sbom
-o, --output string Set output format: json, cyclonedx-json, cyclonedx-xml, spdx-json, spdx-tag-value, table (default "list")
--output-target string Set output target to which the SBOM report will be written
--with-evidence Display evidence for each component

Options inherited from parent commands

      --api-proxy string   Set proxy for communications with Mondoo Platform API
--auto-update Enable automatic provider installation and update (default true)
--config string Set config file path (default $HOME/.config/mondoo/mondoo.yml)
--log-level string Set log level: error, warn, info, debug, trace (default "info")
-v, --verbose Enable verbose output