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What Is cnquery?

-> To install and get up and running quickly, read Get Started with cnquery.

cnquery is Mondoo's open source, cloud-native tool that answers every question about your infrastructure. It integrates with over 600 resources to provide quick insight into your operations and development platforms.

Use cnquery to learn about your systems and reveal information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to uncover. For example:

  • Aggregate all packages installed across containers, regardless of the OS.
  • Find cloud instances exposed to the internet.
  • Reveal old certificates on Kubernetes clusters.

Now consider what's possible when you write automation around cnquery. It's an incredibly broad and versatile tool for solving DevOps challenges.

Our query language is MQL, which combines a graph database approach and powerful filters. Simply describe what you want, and get only the results you need—fast! To explore MQL's capabilities, browse the MQL docs.

Explore your infrastructure in Mondoo Platform

To more easily explore your infrastructure, sign up for a free Mondoo Platform account. Mondoo's web-based console allows you to navigate, search, and inspect all of your assets.

To learn about Mondoo Platform, read the Mondoo Platform docs or visit

To learn how to sign up for a free Mondoo account and register cnquery, read Log into Mondoo Platform for More Capabilities.

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