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Harbor Container Registry

The Harbor Registry is an open source container registry. To learn how to set up the registry, read Harbor Installation and Configuration.


Providers are the components of cnspec that allow it to evaluate specific platforms. To learn how to manage cnspec providers most efficiently for containers, read Manage cnspec Providers.


Log into docker with your Harbor credentials. cnspec uses Docker's configuration.

docker login -u admin -p Harbor12345

Individual scan

Note: If you are running Harbor with self-signed certificates, use the --insecure flag. It deactivates Mondoo certificate checks. We do not recommend to use a self-signed certificate in production

To scan the whole registry, run:

cnspec scan container registry --insecure

To scan an individual repository, run:

cnspec scan container registry --insecure

Harbor interrogation services

To complete this task, you must first create a free Mondoo Platform account.

  1. In the Mondoo Console, create a new, separate space for the Harbor integration.

  2. Install Mondoo on a machine that the Harbor registry can access or a machine that runs Harbor. To learn more, read the Linux installation instructions. Register the agent with the created space

  3. Normal service-accounts do not have the permission to fetch report results, therefore we need to elevate the service account. Run mondoo status and note your service account ID.

$ mondoo status
→ Hostname:
→ IP:
→ Platform: macos
→ Release: 11.5.2
→ Service Account: //
→ agent is registered
→ agent authenticated successfully

In the example above, the service account ID is 1vCf14l6pSczU9pmhAmTmCABTk6.

  1. In the Mondoo Console, select your space -> Settings -> Service Accounts. Select the service account and set permissions to Space Gateway Agent.

  2. By default, the Mondoo service does not expose the harbor API, so you must edit the configuration file, /etc/opt/mondoo/mondoo.yml to match

space_mrn: //
token: abc123 # change this to a random long token to secure the api
enable_harbor: true
  1. Run: mondoo serve
mondoo serve -b
→ loaded configuration from /Users/suki/.config/mondoo/mondoo.yml using source default
→ enabled beta feature to scan for container registries, normal serve is deactivated
→ use bearer token authentication token=abc123
enable health check url=/Health/Check
enable harbor webhook url=/harbor/
enable bearer authentication
→ start http server address=
  1. Test the API:
curl -H 'Accept: application/vnd.scanner.adapter.metadata+json; version=1.0' -H 'Authorization: Bearer abc123'
{"scanner":{"name":"Mondoo","vendor":"Mondoo, Inc","version":"Mondoo 5.2.0 (3b16ff833, unknown)"},"capabilities":[{"consumes_mime_types":["application/vnd.oci.image.manifest.v1+json","application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json"],"produces_mime_types":["application/; version=1.0","application/; version=1.1"]}],"properties":{"harbor.scanner-adapter/registry-authorization-type":"Bearer","harbor.scanner-adapter/scanner-type":"os-package-vulnerability"}}
  1. Open Harbor and configure the public IP of the machine running cnspec.

Configure Mondoo as Interrogation Services

Configure Mondoo as Interrogation Services

  1. Navigate to the container image you want to scan and select the scan button

Configure Mondoo as Interrogation Services

Configure Mondoo as Interrogation Services

Configure Mondoo as Interrogation Services