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Scan in Debug Mode to Troubleshoot

cnspec has a debug scan mode that outputs detailed information for troubleshooting problems scanning an asset. This is helpful when you're getting support from Mondoo. It creates files that you can share with us so we can see exactly what happened during a scan.


Debug output files can contain sensitive data. Do not share them anywhere public, such as a public repository or channel.

To scan in debug mode, preface the cnspec scan command with DEBUG=1. These are some examples:

DEBUG=1 cnspec scan

DEBUG=1 cnspec scan aws --region us-east-1

DEBUG=1 cnspec scan oci

To learn more about the cnspec scan command, read cnspec scan.

cnspec creates debug data files in the local directory from which you run the scan. All debug data file names begin with mondoo-debug so it's easy to see which files to send to Mondoo.