Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub


Mondoo finds vulnerabilities across cloud environments, VMs, Kubernetes workloads, and containers. Stop the firehose of findings from drowning you.

Mondoo lets you focus on the patches and packages that fix the highest-priority issues.

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Focus on problems you can fix

Common CVEs are responsible for the vast majority of cyberattacks today. Mondoo helps you understand which packages and patches you need to apply.

Close critical holes and reduce your exposure before it's too late!

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From images to workloads

Whether you care about VMs, containers, or physical machines, Mondoo discovers vulnerabilities across your entire stack.

Scan and fix container and VM images before deploying them. And secure your running systems, no matter where they are.

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Full lifecycle coverage

Mondoo finds vulnerabilities from local development, through CI/CD, and all the way into your production systems. Fixing issues early is more efficient and reduces the exposure of your fleet.

Couple this with production monitoring to uncover newly discovered vulnerabilities that may already be affecting you. Shift left and shift right to cover your entire DevOps lifecycle.

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For your entire fleet

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AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware

Mondoo supports all major cloud deployments. You can connect easily to discover existing workloads, including your VMs, containers, and all your other resources.

Tackle vulnerabilities across all running workloads, no matter where you are.

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Kubernetes and containers

Containers are often some of the most complex services to grasp and secure. Mondoo makes it easy to scan any Kubernetes installation for security issues, from managed offerings like EKS and AKS to OpenShift and custom Kubernetes clusters. Identify the vulnerabilities that really matter across critical workloads.

More on Kubernetes

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Pipeline integration

Mondoo's vulnerability analysis is as effective in CI/CD pipelines as it is in production.

You can monitor incoming weaknesses and fix them before they reach your production environments. Mondoo's insights and instructions make it easy to repair issues quickly.

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