Avoid a false sense of security

Avoid blind spots across IT and OT

Mondoo provides extensible integrations for all major workloads, hybrid clouds, VMware, Kubernetes, services and APIs. Use agentless or agent-based integrations, based on your requirements and preferences.
Discover all systems and workloads to eliminate gaps in your coverage.
Contextualize risks and help prioritize them.
Automate your inventory for security and compliance audits.

Vulnerability management across all devices

Mondoo's vulnerability management identifies risk factors and contextualizes findings using our graph engine on every endpoint, device, and system in your infrastructure. This provides better prioritization and a focus on solutions that matter.
Prioritization based on risk factors, known exploits, and relative impact.
Actionable steps and scripts that any platform team can execute.
Vulnerability coverage for endpoints, devices, workloads, containers, applications, and runtime environments.
Security for the Smart Factory

Protect your Smart Factory

Security findings focus on protecting the many ways in which IT and OT devices can be attacked, as well as the software supply chain that informs them. Prioritize the most impactful security findings across all devices.
Create a strong foundation to protect your systems and endpoints from breaches.
Prioritize based on risk factors, attack paths, and relative impact.
Integrate your own custom services and devices and automate your IT/OT security.
Compliance automation

Compliance on autopilot

Compliance management increases in cost as environments and technologies get more complex. Mondoo automates the evidence collection based on out-of-the box compliance frameworks and full customization.
Provide compliance coverage for SOC2, ISO27001, NIST, and more.
Collect compliance inventory, security, and vulnerability findings mapped to controls.
Automate contractual compliance obligations for customers and partners.
Customize the scope, codify exceptions, and automate agreements.
Thanks to Mondoo, we now have a unified solution for continuous patching and security and compliance checking, and the ability to secure other clouds and container registries in the future.
Steffen Gebert
Director of Technology Infrastructure at emnify

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