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Compliance Audit


Compliance audits are often scary events for security and platform teams. They require a ton of documentation, technical proof, access to covered systems and any number of changes that the auditors demand in the end. Much of this can be simplified and prevented with continuous compliance testing and collection of proof and documentation. Mondoo automates this process and documents exceptions and agreements between teams.

Your business must comply with regional and industry regulations, but your security software doesn't have the compliance verification or documentation you need.

As a multinational organization, your IT systems must meet SOC 2, BSI, and GDPR security standards. Each year your audits reveal gaps in compliance. For example, last year it was your VM configurations and your log data.

Complying with even a single regulatory board's requirements is an enormous undertaking for an organization of any size. You use multiple security products to ensure that your systems follow specific standards, and you create your own tools to track hundreds of different verifications across thousands of infrastructure assets. But still, each year, you struggle to provide the documentation needed for the audits. And still, each year, you discover holes in your compliance. How do you stop this pattern?

Mondoo provides continuous, self-documenting compliance for major government and industry regulatory requirements.

Mondoo's ready-made policies provide the checks and documentation you need to demonstrate regulatory compliance. With Mondoo, compliance is:
  • Continuous—Mondoo monitors your production environment, CI/CD flow, and even your developer environments for compliance to regulatory requirements. Perform checks in every step of your development process—from infrastructure-as-code artifacts to integrations and production systems. Mondoo policies evaluate compliance every step of your path to deployment, and continuously monitor your systems after release.
  • Self-documenting—With policies to monitor accordance with specific regulatory agencies, proving compliance is a one-click effort. Need to demonstrate BSI compliance for your Windows systems? Mondoo provides a snapshot of all your Windows assets against regulatory policies.
You need not be surprised each year by hidden compliance violations and security gaps. Mondoo makes compliance an everyday norm.

Stop trying to appease auditors with homegrown reports cobbled together from partial solutions. Mondoo delivers compliance-specific data tailored to your needs.

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