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Automated SaaS Security Posture Management with Mondoo

Secure your SaaS applications with Mondoo's open SSPM solution, which provides comprehensive coverage, continuous visibility, customizability, and cloud-native scalability.

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Single Solution for all SaaS Applications and More

The growth of SaaS adoption has been exponential and it has become increasingly important to monitor the security posture of these services.

Mondoo’s open SSPM is based on a trusted open-source foundation and helps continuous monitoring for misconfigurations of a wide range of cloud-based SaaS applications.

As the SSPM solution is a critical component of the xSPM platform, it enables enterprises to manage SaaS security even more effectively by integrating cloud, SaaS, and on-premises infrastructures on a single platform.


Continuous Visibility

Mondoo's open SSPM solution provides continuous visibility across SaaS applications, enabling you to identify security misconfigurations and take action quickly.

Integrated Security Experience

With Mondoo's extensible security posture management (xSPM), you can manage the security posture of your entire infrastructure, including cloud, SaaS, and on-premises systems, all from a single platform.

Complete visibility into SaaS configuration:

Mondoo's asset inventory offers a continuously configurable inventory of your SaaS infrastructure, providing you with a comprehensive view of your entire SaaS environment.

Customizable Security

Mondoo's open SSPM solution is fully customizable, enabling you to tailor it to your unique business needs and compliance requirements.

Extensible Open Source Security

Mondoo's open SSPM solution is built on contributions from OSS community members and provides access to an extensive repository of pre-written policies, allowing you to secure anything with an API.


Increased automation and efficiency

By automating your SaaS security posture management with Mondoo, you can save time and reduce the risk of security misconfigurations.

Enhanced security and compliance

Mondoo's open SSPM solution enables you to assess your organization's compliance with data security and privacy regulations, ensuring that all your SaaS applications are in compliance with the latest standards.

Greater flexibility and customization

With Mondoo's DevOps-friendly integration and customizable security policies, you can tailor your security posture management to meet your unique business needs.

Access to a community of security experts

Mondoo's open-source approach enables you to tap into the expertise of a community of security professionals, who are constantly updating and improving the solution to meet evolving security challenges.

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