Ensure your infrastructure is safe, from cloud to Kubernetes, on-site, and services. Stop managing dozens of tools that don’t tell you precisely what you need to know.

Mondoo is a single solution that finds the weakest points in your entire fleet and shows you how to fortify them.

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Full-stack analysis

Attackers don’t care how strong your door is if you leave a window open. This is why Mondoo helps you understand your entire infrastructure and bolster your most vulnerable attack points. From the hardware and VMs to containers, services, and endpoints that make up your applications.

Full-stack security

Security policies

No one wants to start from scratch! Mondoo delivers the most reliable industry best practices right out of the box. Mondoo curates a vast library of security polices, many of which are certified by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Choose the policies you need to prioritize and harden your fleet.

Security policies

Custom policies

Mondoo’s policy engine allows you to tailor your infrastructure security to your business needs. Mix and match parts from our existing policies and make them your own. Or create a custom policy from scratch that meets your own unique requirements.

Custom policies

Vulnerability analysis

Mondoo provides vulnerability insights out of the box. It combines advisories and packages to give DevOps teams actionable steps to close security gaps. Don’t be a victim to cheap exploits; fix vulnerabilities across servers, VMs, containers, images, and much more.

Vulnerability analysis
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Security insights

Mondoo is built on a powerful inventory system that captures everything from workloads and processes to images and cloud services. This entire inventory is available at your fingertips! Use Mondoo to query all aspects of your fleet and discover stranded workloads and blind spots.

Security insights

For your entire fleet

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AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware

Mondoo supports all major cloud deployments. You can connect easily to discover existing workloads, including your VMs, containers, and all your other resources. Tackle both CSPM and workload security in one solution that spans your entire stack.

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More on Kubernetes

Kubernetes and containers

Containers have evolved rapidly, and are often some of the most complex services to grasp and secure. Mondoo makes it easy to scan any Kubernetes installation for security issues, from managed offerings like EKS and AKS to OpenShift and custom Kubernetes clusters. Repair security issues across containers, images, and workloads.

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For many organizations, the security of supporting services is a huge blind spot. From MS365 deployments to Google Workspaces, from GitHub to GitLab, there are so many weak points that hackers are eager to exploit. Easily integrate your services into your security analysis with Mondoo.

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