Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Full-stack security

Mondoo protects not just your clusters or workloads, but all of the layers that make up your application infrastructure—because your security is only as strong as its weakest link.

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Find and fix your weakest link

Most security solutions safeguard only part of your applications and services, so you have to stitch together different tools. This patchwork of protection offers uneven coverage and reporting, and can leave gaps.

Mondoo secures your entire stack—from application containers down to the systems and networks that everything runs on.



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Eliminate vulnerabilities during development and in production

Prioritize risk

Focus on eliminating the issues that pose the highest risk to your organization. Mondoo provides the information you need to protect your business strategically.

Protect running systems

With new CVEs announced every day, you need constant monitoring to keep your organization safe. Mondoo keeps a watchful eye on your deployed infrastructure.

Secure applications before they're exposed

Mondoo embeds in your development tools and CI/CD workflows, to meet your developers where they are. With Mondoo, you never ship code that isn't secure.

Find solutions, not just problems

Mondoo doesn't just find security gaps—it recommends solutions for closing them. Follow Mondoo's remediation steps to eliminate opportunities for attackers.

Find misconfigurations before attackers do

One misconfiguration can expose your entire infrastructure. But how can you be sure every system follows up-to-date best practices?

Mondoo detects misconfigurations in your live infrastructure AND before you deploy—in your container images, Kubernetes manifests, Terraform code, and Packer machine images.

See how Mondoo detects misconfigurations

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