Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Risk Actions

Empower your security team to prioritize, manage, and remediate security risks effectively

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Solving the Challenges of Modern Enterprises

Overcome Security Risks with Advanced Features

Risk-based prioritization of security work

Optimize resource allocation by focusing on critical vulnerabilities and compliance issues

Continuous real-time assessment and correlation

Gain comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure for informed decision-making

Compliance readiness

Ensure audit preparedness and meet compliance requirements with comprehensive proof of compliance status

Quantitative goal setting and progress tracking

Establish measurable goals, track progress, and showcase security success

Security as Code integration

Continuously improve security and eliminate recurring issues

Security, Continuity, Synergy, and Demonstrable Success

Transform Your Organization’s Security Strategy with Mondoo Risk Actions


Improved security posture

Strengthen your organization's security posture through effective identification, prioritization, and remediation of security risks

Enhanced business continuity

Maintain resilience against evolving threats by focusing on business-critical infrastructure

Streamlined DevSecOps workflow

Foster collaboration between security and development teams for innovation and growth

Quantitative progress and achievements

Showcase your security success with measurable metrics to stakeholders

A Systematic Automated Approach to Security

Mondoo Risk Actions' Methodical, Three-Pronged Approach

Identifying critical components

Risk Actions conducts a thorough analysis of your organization's infrastructure, pinpointing the most vulnerable and high-priority elements.

Prioritize and plan

Set clear and achievable goals based on baselines enabling your team to focus on what matters most and eliminate distractions.

Efficient remediation

Automate remediation with seamless integration into Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes, streamlining the process of resolving security issues in code.

Embrace Mondoo Risk Actions and Elevate Your Organization’s Security

Request a demo today and see how Mondoo Risk Actions can simplify your security strategy, help you achieve your security goals, and deliver tangible results with automation

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