Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Policy as code

Documents and audits don't defend your systems; building guardrails together does.  

Policy as code lets you integrate, extend, and customize infrastructure security without sacrificing scale or consistency. It's what makes Mondoo powerful and flexible enough to secure everything.

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What is policy as code?

Traditional security policies live in documents that people must evaluate, interpret, and apply.

With policy as code, you instead write, store, and execute security policies in a high-level programming language.

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Benefits of policy as code

A list of controls for K8S


Apply uniform policies across all your infrastructure.

When you change a policy, that change is system-wide.

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Manage infrastructure at scale


Automate policy-based assessment to keep up with the growth of your business.

Integrate security into every part of your development lifecycle.

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Start with Mondoo's library of over 160 policies, and then customize them to fit your business needs.

Or create your own policies from scratch with Mondoo Query Language (MQL).

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Packer in VSCode with a violation


Give Security and DevOps teams a common language to define relevant and effective protection.

Empower developers to solve security problems with the tools and processes they already love.

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