Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Tired of Wiz's Alert Fatigue and Incomplete Solutions? Switch to Mondoo Today.

Wiz customers have complained about a lack of integration, false positives, a shallow dashboard, instant gratification that was not built for security engineers, and manual validation.

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Mondoo is the solution you need to overcome these challenges:

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Trusted by leading companies and security experts worldwide, Mondoo is the security solution that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Why choose Mondoo over Wiz

Extensible SPM
Single solution for your entire business critical infrastructure, includes SaaS services, Kubernetes, devices, and endpoints. Scalability across all components past, present and future.
Asset Inventory
Full auto-discovery of all assets and configurations in your fleet. Explore assets with findings and understand their role.
Unified Security Model
Consolidated security platform where data remains under your control and is not exchanged via several third-party applications.
Runtime Visibility
Complete visibility into cloud runtime behavior with contextual intelligence
Open Source Platform
Reliable transparent open source solution with no vendor lock-in. Customizable and easy to integrate with existing solutions.
Low-code Policy as Code
Safeguard every system out-of-the-box with pre-packaged policies that are also entirely configurable to your organization's and your needs.
Development + Runtime coverage
A single solution integrated across entire the development lifecycle where platform engineering and security teams work together.
Seamless Integration
Combine what you require with current services. Retain your favorite tools and maximize your Mondoo experience without being compelled to migrate.
API Automation
API-driven for full automation and response to security issues. Full asset inventory and reporting access via GraphQL.

Partial Support

Lightweight OSS core
Loved by developers. Mondoo has a lightweight OSS core which developers use on their workstations and CI/CDs continuously.

Protect your organization’s assets and reduce the risk of security incidents with Mondoo. Here’s how:

Mondoo covers every part of your infrastructure now and in the future, including hybrid cloud environments, SaaS services, Kubernetes, devices, and endpoints.

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