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Edge and
On-Premises Security

Fully cover your Edge Computing Security Posture Management (ECSPM) with Mondoo, including VMware, Windows, and Linux workloads.

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Continuous on-premises security

Mondoo continuously analyzes security issues across all on-premises systems. Detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and quickly find the best solutions.

Keeping your systems secure is a top priority. With Mondoo, you can continuously monitor your assets to make sure they are free from security threats. Misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are common causes of security breaches and failed audits, but with Mondoo, you can easily find and fix these problems before they become bigger issues.

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Cover all workloads

Mondoo covers all workloads you run, including physical nodes, devices, VMware clusters, VMs and containers. From traditional server operating systems across Windows and Linux, to minimal container runtimes like Alpine.

With Mondoo, you can easily secure all types of systems. Our approach is open and extensible, which means it can be adapted to new technologies. Our automated integrations regularly find all critical systems, making it simple to keep track of your security status and identify any potential threats.

Continuous Inventory Monitoring

Mondoo continuously analyzes all workloads and creates an inventory of their configurations, contents (incl. SBOM) and relationships to other systems.

This allows users and auditors to quickly investigate where problems are hidden and why certain settings were chosen. This is especially helpful in on-premises and edge computing environments, where the inventory can be exported to other systems or programmatically queried to answer any questions you might have about your fleet.

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Automated Compliance

Mondoo analyzes the compliance of all workloads, including servers, clusters, VMs and containers. Automatically collect evidence for auditors and share continuously validated compliance controls.

Get compliance policies out of the box for most industry use-cases across finance, healthcare, and regulatory requirements. Cover CIS, SOC2, PCI, ISO, or BSI audits on all systems and workloads.

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Are you looking to improve your organization’s security posture? Look no further than Extensible Security Posture Management (xSPM).

Deploy in minutes


Scan assets without interfering in their operation via live instance snapshots (side scanning), image scanning, or remote connections (SSH, WinRM).



Alternatively, you can rely on Mondoo's lightweight open-source agent, which provides powerful insights about security, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure configuration.

Effortless integration

Point Mondoo to your VMware cluster, configure, and let us handle the rest for you. Mondoo quickly discovers all workloads and continuously watches every element in VMware that you care about.

Deployments are fully automated and leverage inventory APIs. Mondoo’s clients are perfect for security and platform engineers and can be installed anywhere, from workstations to pipelines, or even larger VMware deployments.

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Enterprise Cloud

Keep your most valuable environments isolated with Mondoo’s Enterprise Cloud. Easily comply with regulatory requirements, data privacy and gain peace of mind.

Built for the most-secure enterprises, Mondoo deploys to a dedicated environment at a preferred customer location to help companies keep their data locked away while running a fully managed environment. Mondoo Enterprise Cloud offers enterprise-level Open ID Connect integration, security, and compliance controls, including integrated security and privacy features. Combine the best aspects of privacy and separation with a stress-free deployment. This is especially helpful for certain industries (finance, healthcare, federal) and regions (e.g. Europe).

Across every workload

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Easily connect to native Kubernetes deployments.

Mondoo detects security issues and vulnerabilities across pods, deployments, images, and much more. Keep your workloads and applications safe with Mondoo.

See more on Kubernetes

Terraform Asset

Terraform and Packer

Solve problems early and spread awareness.

Integrate Mondoo with your security and platform engineering teams and discover issues in infrastructure automation tools like Terraform and Packer.

Mondoo covers all aspects of your SDLC and helps users to fix problems before they scale to hundreds of assets. Manage adjustments and exceptions from end to end, starting with Terraform and all the way into running your production environments.


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Fix issues in pipelines, before they spread to production.

Mondoo integrates smoothly with your existing pipelines (such as GitHub, GitLab, or Jenkins) to deliver insights throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

Instead of flooding developers with irrelevant and low-priority findings, help them fix the most critical issues.

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Mondoo fully integrates into your security and automation workflows.

Connect Mondoo's data to other security engines, data exports, inventory systems, analytics, and risk aggregation modules. Manage actions through ticketing and infrastructure automation.

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