Mondoo supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for enhanced IT security

We're excited to announce that Mondoo now extends its robust security and compliance solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This integration quickly and easily connects Mondoo’s comprehensive security solution to OCI in minutes. OCI customers can use Mondoo’s tools to find, prioritize, and fix security risks in their cloud workloads.

Comprehensive Security and Compliance Management

Mondoo now supports OCI along with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. We also provide great support for on-premises and data center computing. Whether using cloud, on-prem, bare metal, Kubernetes, or VMWare, Mondoo customers stay secure and compliant in any combination.

Mondoo's comprehensive security solution offers a unified approach to managing your security posture on OCI. By integrating Mondoo with OCI, you instantly get security posture management (CSPM), vulnerability management, workload protection (CWPP), application protection (CNAPP), container security, and more. Mondoo connects to your OCI regions in minutes without impacting the performance of your cloud resources.

Holistic Analysis of Security and Compliance

Mondoo bridges the gaps between product teams and security, risk, and compliance management. Mondoo makes embedding security into developer workflows simple, helping teams catch problems before they leave development. You can confidently face evolving threats, secure your infrastructure, and improve business continuity.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Risk-based Prioritization: Utilize Mondoo's advanced features to prioritize your security efforts, focusing on critical vulnerabilities that may affect business-critical processes.
  • Integrated Compliance Management: Leverage Mondoo to manage compliance and security, aligning your OCI infrastructure with industry standards like CIS benchmarks and a wide range of compliance frameworks.
  • Continuous Improvement: Foster continuous improvement in your security and compliance posture with Mondoo's Policy as Code feature, encouraging collaboration and enabling swift remediation steps.
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Automated Protection

Mondoo strengthens the security and compliance policy of your OCI infrastructure. Once configured, Mondoo will automatically scan OCI tenants, alerting you to misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and policy violations, finding them before attackers.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Seamless Integration: Adopt OCI the same way you adopt any other integration on Mondoo, streamlining the transition and maintaining consistency in your security processes.
  • Automated Security Monitoring: Mondoo automatically scans OCI tenants for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and policy violations, saving you time and resources.
  • Security and Compliance Metrics: Use Mondoo's measurable metrics to showcase your security success to stakeholders, fostering trust and demonstrating progress.

By integrating Mondoo with OCI, you can take a proactive, holistic approach toward securing your infrastructure. Enjoy enhanced visibility, better risk management, and a streamlined workflow, all contributing to a better night's sleep for your team.

Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Chip Johnson

Chip Johnson is a Product Manager at Mondoo, focused on making tools you'll love. He's been a part of the DevOps community since 2010. He most recently held positions at Auth0, Sonatype, and Chef Software. He's been making and breaking things on the internet since 1993

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