Mondoo + Google BigQuery: A Winning Combo for Security Intelligence

Mondoo is excited to announce our integration with Google BigQuery, a game-changer for your security intelligence and insights!

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Think of security data as a giant puzzle. Organizations are dealing with more and more puzzle pieces as they generate tons of security data. What they need is a smart way to put the pieces together and see the big picture. That's where Mondoo and Google BigQuery come in, transforming security data analysis and making it easier than ever.

By combining Mondoo with Google BigQuery, we're creating a powerful team to enrich security data lakes and customize the security with full assessment. This means your security operations can quickly detect and respond to potential security incidents. It's like having a helpful guide to lead you through the maze of security data, ensuring you find your way to a safer and more secure destination.

Unlock the power of your security data

By integrating Mondoo and Google BigQuery, you can leverage the robust analytics capabilities of BigQuery to analyze your security data more effectively. This integration offers multiple benefits:

  • Enriching Security Data Lake: With the integration between Mondoo and Big Query, organizations can enrich their security data lake with high-value data about their assets. Mondoo helps to collect security data from the entire infrastructure stack into a central security data lake to store, query, analyze, and report security issues over time. This enables organizations to identify potential security threats, track security incidents, and utilize the power of BigQuery for enhanced data correlation. This also equips threat intelligence teams with the tools necessary to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure security.
  • Customized Security with MQL Query Packs: Mondoo's flexible MQL query packs allow users to decide what data they want to collect about their assets. This customization provides organizations with the ability to tailor their security intelligence to their specific needs and use cases. Organizations can collect data about their assets' security status, including information about vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and compliance status, among other things. This data can then be stored in Big Query for analysis and reporting.
  • Full Security Assessment: Mondoo is not only collecting data but also doing a full security assessment (SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, ISO 27001) and piping those results into the security data lake. This helps security teams to correlate suspicious events from their logs with context. For example, if you have log events where attackers try to gain access to a Linux server via SSH, but you have fully hardened the SSHD config and password authentication is disabled, then the impact of that attack is minimal. By correlating this attack with the security assessment data, security teams can quickly identify the root cause of the issue and take appropriate action to remediate the vulnerability.

Easy Data Export to BigQuery

Mondoo now makes it easier than ever to export data to BigQuery with a few simple steps. Exports are configured just like other integrations in Mondoo and run daily without any additional installations.

To get started:

  1. Go to the integration tab in Mondoo
  2. Select the BigQuery export option
  3. Add GCP credentials
  4. Choose a daily or weekly export
    That’s it! - A first export will be triggered immediately.
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Analyze Your Data With BigQuery

Once the data is exported, you can easily combine it with other data in BigQuery and then analyze it with BigQuery’s powerful machine learning and BI features. This makes it simple to:

  • Identify trends
  • Spot anomalies
  • Gain valuable insights from your data
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Mondoo strives to maximize the value of security data for improved visibility and strengthened security. Our simple integration gets you up and running in no time, letting you focus on what really matters - getting the most out of your security data.

Witness Mondoo in action. Book a demo with us to explore its potential for your organization.

Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a Product Manager at Mondoo. He’s been working in web operations and software development roles since 2007 and port scanning class As since 1994. He downloaded his first Linux distro on a 14.4 modem. Tim most recently held positions at Limelight Networks, Cozy Co, and Chef Software.

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