ICYMI: Mondoo Release Highlights for March 2022

Welcome to the Mondoo release recap for March 2022.


There are many updates that we hope you will like, including:

  • Policy hub - Understand the state of your policies across your entire fleet
  • CVE & Advisory views - Understand how CVE’s and vendor advisories impact your entire fleet
  • Kubernetes operator - Early access security assessment of your Kubernetes cluster
  • Mondoo setup - Simplified the new user and setup experience
  • Deployment automation - Improvements to Terraform and Chef integrations
  • Policy updates - 2 new policies, 2 early access, 4 policy updates

Policy Hub

We've re-designed the Policy Hub to make it more useful. When you open it, you will be greeted by a new experience:

Re-designed Mondoo Policy Hub

This view now shows a quick summary of the score distribution each policy has in your environment. This allows you to quickly see which policies need attention and how well the fleet is performing. Additionally, the number of assets provide a quick indication of how broadly a given policy is used.

The Policy Hub now only shows policies that have been enabled. The list no longer shows unused policies.

To find all available policies click on “Add Policies”. Over time, this screen will evolve into the Policy Marketplace.

Policy asset views

Within every policy you will still find the overview and list of queries. Additionally, you can now access the asset view in the third tab:

Asset view in Policy Hub of Mondoo Platform

This shows a list of assets that the policy is applied to and their score. This enables you to focus on assets that require the most attention and more easily prioritize the changes that will have the greatest impact.

Vulnerability & Advisory views

With the Policy Hub we have also expanded Mondoo’s ability to report on vulnerabilities (CVEs) and advisories. These are now aggregated across the fleet and shown as a summary for all assets that are affected.

You can navigate to the new view via the Policy Hub by selecting the Platform Vulnerability Policy. The new Advisories and Vulnerabilities tabs list all applicable vulnerabilities and advisories respectively.

Advisories and Vulnerabilities tabs in the Policy Hub of the Mondoo Platform

These can be sorted by criticality (CVSS score), date of the first detection, and the number of assets that are impacted by them. This allows you to prioritize the issues in your environment and tackle them effectively.

Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Kubernetes operator

We are excited to announce the Early Access of our Mondoo Operator for Kubernetes. This allows you to quickly assess the security of workloads and Kubernetes nodes.

You can easily integrate it into existing deployment strategies using Helm, OLM, or Kubectl. The operator will scan both your deployed workloads and your Kubernetes nodes without requiring privileged access!

We are eager to hear your feedback and hope you love it as much as we do.

Mondoo setup

We launched a new setup experience for AWS that allows anyone to get started with Mondoo and scan their AWS accounts in just a few minutes. This setup supports the AWS CloudShell as well as your local laptop.

New guided Mondoo setup experience for AWS

Additionally, all “Getting Started” sections of the Mondoo Docs have been revamped as well. You will find new tutorials for getting started with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, VMWare, Docker, and more.

Deployment automation

The Mondoo Chef Infra Cookbook 0.3.0 is out with expanded platform support for openSUSE, SLES, Fedora, Rocky Linux, and Scientific Linux distros. Use this cookbook to install Mondoo Client and register new nodes automatically with the Mondoo Platform.

Additionally, Terraform has been updated to better support breaking changes in Terraform providers.

Policy updates

We released 2 new policies:

  • CIS Amazon Linux 2 policy (certified)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Level 1 / 2 CIS benchmarks

The following policies have been released to early access:

  • Terraform Static Analysis Policy for AWS EKS policy
  • GitLab Baseline by Mondoo

Additionally, we updated the following policies:

  • SLES 12 and 15 CIS benchmarks to version 1.1.1
  • RHEL 8 CIS benchmarks
  • Kubernetes Application Benchmark by Mondoo

You can find all of these policies in your Policy Hub by clicking “Add Policies”.


Shiny new theme

New dark theme in Mondoo console

You have probably already noticed it in the screenshots above: Mondoo has a shiny new dark theme! This theme improves the colors across the entire app to be easier to distinguish and less strenuous on the eyes (reduction of blue colors).

We are in the process of adding support for color-blind users, so stay tuned!

Custom Labels

We now support the --annotation flag when running scans for adding custom labels to assets. An enhanced view of labels on assets will be coming to the UI in an upcoming release.

Dominik Richter

Dom is a founder, coder, and hacker and one of the creators of Mondoo. He helped shape the DevOps and security space with projects like InSpec and Dom worked in security and automation at companies like Google, Chef, and Deutsche Telekom. Beyond his work, he loves to dive deep into hacker and nerd culture, science and the mind, and making colorful pasta from scratch.

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