Effortless and Continuous Azure VM Instance Scanning

The shift from traditional data centers to the cloud has changed how we provision systems. Gone are the days of waiting for vendors, painstakingly slow rack and stack processes, and manual OS installations. Today, new systems can be launched into production within minutes using a few clicks or API calls. While this has increased convenience and agility, it has also introduced significant challenges for security teams.

The threat of security blind spots

As organizations adopt rapid deployment practices, the incorporation of security agents can often fall through the cracks. Questions abound - was the right AMI used with the pre-installed agent? Was the system correctly integrated into the configuration management system? Despite having the best processes in place, systems may still be set up without security agents, leading to potentially risky security blind spots.

Mondoo: prioritizing infrastructure security

At Mondoo, we prioritize the security of your systems. Our advanced solution allows you to  automatically scan all the virtual machine instances in your Azure account without the need for deploying agents. This means you will always have the most current security information for your infrastructure, without having to manage agent installations or updates.

Effortless security scanning with Mondoo

And when we say our Azure VM scanning solution is '1-click install', we genuinely mean it. Simply toggle 'Scan VMs' on during the Azure integration setup and we’ll handle the rest, continuously scanning new Azure VMs as they’re created in your subscription.

Streamlined processes and advanced security metrics

Under the hood, Mondoo works relentlessly to streamline your security processes. Our scans leverage the open source cnspec engine to connect to both Linux and Windows hosts using Azure’s built-in Run Commands functionality. These scans require no additional configuration or special permissions in your subscription. Every scan checks for end-of-life operating systems, vulnerable packages, and performs an extensive security evaluation using our 60+ CIS operating system benchmarks.

Focus on security, not tools

With Mondoo’s agentless scanning you can focus on handling and resolving security threats instead of fussing over your security tools. Our full-stack security solution seamlessly integrates with leading cloud providers like Azure, AWS, OCI, and Google Cloud, as well as automation tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes. This broad compatibility empowers you to automate remediation and streamline your security operations. Additionally, Mondoo provides quantitative metrics for tracking progress and showcasing achievements, contributing to an overall improvement in your security posture.

Start your Mondoo journey today

But don't just take our word for it. Try our 30-day free trial and see the benefits of Mondoo's advanced security features for yourself. Get full access to all the features of Mondoo's Enterprise edition and receive a free consultation with our security experts. Get started today, because your organization's security can't wait.

Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a Product Manager at Mondoo. He’s been working in web operations and software development roles since 2007 and port scanning class As since 1994. He downloaded his first Linux distro on a 14.4 modem. Tim most recently held positions at Limelight Networks, Cozy Co, and Chef Software.

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