Create and track Jira tickets directly from Mondoo

At Mondoo, we understand your need for effective collaboration between your security, compliance, development, and DevOps teams. Recognizing that many of you use Atlassian Jira to track your work, we’ve made it possible for you to create Jira tickets directly from the Mondoo console. Let’s delve into your interaction with your Security, Compliance, and DevOps teams and how Mondoo and Jira can facilitate your company-wide collaboration.

Detection vs. remediation

You and your team use Mondoo to automatically detect and report company policy violations. Whether an unpatched vulnerability, an insecure system configuration, or a breach of the SOC 2 requirements, Mondoo continually scans and immediately alerts you to these problems. Once these problems are detected, it’s typical for remediation to be handed off to your DevOps and Development teams.

These teams have their unique tools and work methods. They need a simple way to review Mondoo reports within their toolsets, so they can effectively take action on the findings they’ve been tasked with resolving.

Tracking work where it’s done

Your development and DevOps teams likely use Atlassian Jira for tracking IT work. Our integration with Jira lets your Security and Compliance teams generate new tickets directly from the Mondoo console. These Jira tickets provide a full Mondoo-generated report, making it easier for your DevOps and development teams to understand the findings and their responsibilities.

Mondoo - Jira ticket

Easy to get started, easy to use

You can have the Jira integration up and running in minutes. It’s compatible with self-hosted Jira instances and Atlassian Cloud. Just give Mondoo a few details about your Jira instance, and we’ll do the rest.

Add Jira integration to Mondoo

Once the integration is configured, assets will display a Jira logo on each page. By clicking the logo, you can create a new Jira ticket with the latest findings from Mondoo and send it to the relevant project. Jira tickets created from Mondoo are populated automatically with easy-to-read tables of results and links back to the Mondoo console for verification and further investigation.

Create new Jira ticket in Mondoo console

Your Next Step

By using Mondoo to create tickets directly in Jira, your Security and Compliance teams can assign tasks to their peers in Development and DevOps using the tracking systems they’re already comfortable with. By facilitating better team relationships, Mondoo can help you identify and resolve policy violations before they become security incidents.

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Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Chip Johnson

Chip Johnson is a Product Manager at Mondoo, focused on making tools you'll love. He's been a part of the DevOps community since 2010. He most recently held positions at Auth0, Sonatype, and Chef Software. He's been making and breaking things on the internet since 1993

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