Announcing Mondoo's Feature Releases at RSA 2023

Discover the latest innovations in cybersecurity with Mondoo's new feature releases, designed to empower CISOs and revolutionize security posture management.

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Meet us at RSA Conference, Booth 251, to see our solutions in action.

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Empower Your CISO with Mondoo's Risk Actions

Continual Security Improvement and Incident Management

  • Establish a baseline for continuous improvement
  • Identify deviations from security standards
  • Handle security incidents effectively

Mondoo's Risk Actions empower CISOs to create and showcase a comprehensive plan for continuous security improvement, while effectively managing security incidents as they arise.


Revolutionize Security Posture Management with Mondoo

The Leading Extensible SPM Platform

  • Adapts to all current and future technologies
  • Simplifies security posture management
  • Reduces tool-sprawl and associated costs

Mondoo's extensible security posture management (xSPM) platform streamlines the SPM process, delivering results in minutes and allowing organizations to focus on securing their systems and data.

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Gain Complete Visibility and Control with Mondoo's Asset Intelligence

Transform Your Infrastructure Security

  • A comprehensive inventory of all assets
  • Understand asset relationships
  • Make informed security decisions

Mondoo's asset intelligence provides a complete understanding of your infrastructure, ensuring you don't overlook assets that may pose a threat and enabling effective security decision-making.

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Join the Revolution of Open Security with Mondoo

Access Shared Knowledge and Industry-Leading Policies

  • Leverage a wealth of common controls, checks, and best practices
  • Utilize industry-leading security policies and query packs
  • Benefit from security information in code form

Mondoo's open security community empowers users to access and apply shared knowledge, enhancing their security posture and staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Open Security Registry

Streamline your DevSecOps Workflow with Mondoo's End-to-End Security Automation

Seamless Integration of Infrastructure Automation and SPM

  • Consistent security checks across the entire environment
  • Eliminate manual intervention and reduce misconfiguration
  • Improve time-to-market

Mondoo's End-to-End Security Automation streamlines the process of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout the software development life cycle, ensuring a seamless DevSecOps workflow.

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Experience Mondoo's Latest Feature Releases at RSA Conference, Booth 251

Request a meeting with Mondoo at RSA

Don't miss the opportunity to see Mondoo's innovative solutions in action and discover their potential for your organization. Can't attend the event? Book a demo with us to explore Mondoo's latest features.

Monitor your infrastructure for security misconfigurations and maps those checks automatically to top compliance frameworks.

Dominik Richter

Dom is a founder, coder, and hacker and one of the creators of Mondoo. He helped shape the DevOps and security space with projects like InSpec and Dom worked in security and automation at companies like Google, Chef, and Deutsche Telekom. Beyond his work, he loves to dive deep into hacker and nerd culture, science and the mind, and making colorful pasta from scratch.

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