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Rely on Mondoo to secure all aspects of your Amazon cloud environment. From instances to Kubernetes, from buckets to APIs, Mondoo finds vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that put your organization at risk.

Stop managing dozens of disparate tools that evaluate just one piece of your AWS infrastructure. Mondoo gives you all the answers you need in one solution.

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Security, compliance, and vulnerabilities

Get security insights on all aspects of your AWS accounts using over 100 CIS and Mondoo policies. Use industry best-practices and make them your own. Improve step by step and avoid surprises from auditors and hackers.

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Scan assets without interfering in their operation via live instance snapshots (side scanning), image scanning, or remote connections (SSH, SSM, WinRM).



You can also rely on Mondoo's lightweight agent, which provides powerful insights about security, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure configuration.

Discovery and inventory

Mondoo keeps track of your inventory by discovering all resources, from the lowest workloads to high-level services and APIs. Mondoo finds blind spots so you can avoid unplanned work.

Easy installation

Just point Mondoo to your AWS account, configure, and let us handle the rest for you. Mondoo quickly discovers all workloads and continuously watches every element in the account that you care about.

Across the stack

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EKS / Kubernetes

Easily connect to EKS and other Kubernetes installations in your AWS accounts. Mondoo detects security issues and vulnerabilities across Pods, deployments, images, and much more. Keep your applications safe with Mondoo.

Terraform and Packer

Mondoo integrates with essential DevOps automation tools. Tackle your Terraform files and Packer-built machine images to weave security and best practices into your infrastructure development.

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Shift left on security and vulnerabilities; find and fix issues before they reach production. Mondoo integrates smoothly with your existing pipelines (such as GitHub, GitLab, or Jenkins) to deliver insights throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Instead of flooding developers with irrelevant and low-priority findings, help them fix the most important issues.

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